Why Visit Bali At Least Once in Your Lifetime?

Bali Indonesia Beache

Bali, an Indonesian island, has gained a lot of popularity amongst tourists and travelers around the world. Bali with its gorgeous beaches, amazing landscapes, and spiritual aura, is also known as the Island of Gods and rightly so! If you are wondering why people are going crazy about visiting Bali, you definitely need to know about the aspects that make this place a must-visit destination on earth. Right from the picturesque temples to the Balinese people and culture, Bali has a host of things that would make you want to visit the place again and again.



Bali being an island, there is no dearth of beautiful beaches here. While the north and western shorelines are home to some of the most pristine black sand beaches, the south shorelines boast of beautiful white sand beaches complete with palm trees and blue waters. Kuta Beach is definitely the most popular beach in Bali as it offers the best opportunities for water sports and beach parties. Then there is the Seminyak Beach which is known for its classy restaurants, designer boutiques, and a casual atmosphere. While these beaches are the most happening ones, they are also the most crowded. So if you are a person who is looking for some peace and solitude, these beaches can be a real put-off.

However, you do not have to worry as Bali also takes care of those who are searching for serenity. There are several secret beaches in Bali hidden behind mountains or tucked away in corners which are gorgeous without the hustle-bustle. You can take a dip in the cool water, have a long walk or just lie on the sand with a good book without any worry. Some such beaches are Gunung Payung Beach, Nyang Nyang Beach, Pandawa Beach, etc. So, if you are fond of the sun, sand and the ocean, Bali is a place that you would definitely love.


Bali is a spiritual place where most people follow Hinduism. Temples and rituals are an integral part of the everyday life of the Balinese people. Hence, it is not surprising to know that Bali is home to more than 1000 temples. Most of these temples date back to several centuries and are magnificent. While the architecture of these shrines is spell-binding, their locations are equally enticing. Most of the temples in Bali would be found on a hill-top, amidst crashing waves and such other ethereal locations. Even if you are not a religious or spiritual person, a visit to at least some of these temples is a must if you want to know about the architecture, culture, and traditions of Bali. Moreover, with such amazing landscapes, these temples give you the opportunity to take some great photos too.

Some of the temples that you must visit when in Bali include Tanah Lot (a unique offshore temple), Uluwatu Temple (cliff-top temple), Besakih Temple (located on the slopes of Mount Agung) and Ulun Danu Beratan Temple (situated on the side of Beratan Lake). Few other temples that you can include in your itinerary are Goa Gajah – Elephant Cave, Tirta Empul Temple, Batuan Temple, Garuda Wisnu Kencana, etc.


Adventure lovers would love Bali as the place offers varieties of activities that would get your adrenaline pumping. With so many beaches in Bali, you would easily find one where you can indulge in water sports. Scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, kite surfing, river rafting, jet skiing, sea walking, etc. are some of the water sports you can try here. Apart from this, you can go on a bike tour in Bali or try your hand at mountain biking or even dirt biking. If you are into extreme sports, Bali gives you the chance to try cliff-jumping, fly-boarding, cave diving (in a shark cave), canoeing, free-diving, paddle boarding, water tubing, paragliding etc.

Apart from this, Bali offers adventures that are not related to physical sports. If you want to have a different kind of adventure that would give you goose-bumps and make your heart pound, you must visit the Trunyan Cemetery located in a village in Bali where the dead bodies are not buried or burned but just placed on the ground after the funeral ceremonies. There is also the Muaya Beach which is known for its beauty and the presence of Jenglot or doll vampire who is believed to feed on blood. If you are up for it, you can also explore an abundant hotel in Bedugul which is said to be haunted. With so many adventures lined up in Bali, you would definitely have an exciting time here.

4.Amazing Resorts

For people who are looking for a leisure holiday, Bali offers some of the best resorts in the world. Most of the resorts blend beautifully with the natural surroundings and at the same time offer all the luxuries and comfort that you would find in a five-star hotel anywhere in the world. Moreover, these resorts are quite inexpensive and provide value for money. Some of the resorts are so unique and at the same time comfortable that you may not want to venture out of the place during your visit. The Bubble Hotel gives you the chance to stay inside a bubble right on the beach, while the Firefly Eco Lodge is where you stay inside a bamboo cottage amidst rice paddies. If you want to have a thrilling stay, choose the Mara River Safari Lodge where you would get to see wild animals from your balcony, pool and even from the restaurant. Apart from these, Villa Pererepan, Villa Laksmana II, Sharma Springs Bamboo House, etc. are some of the one-of-a-kind resorts that you will find in Bali. Even if you pick a regular hotel or resort, you can spend an entire day here getting pampered at the spa, having a drink while swimming in the pool and enjoy a delicious spread of Balinese dishes.

While these are some of the reasons that make Bali attractive to the world, these are not the only ones. The Balinese people are one of the reasons that travelers love to visit the place. They are warm, friendly and genuine. Apart from this, the beautiful art and culture, the exotic waterfalls, the unique Balinese festivals, the delicious Balinese food, etc. are some of the reasons why you must visit this place. Moreover, Bali is a great place for shopping, more so if you are adept at bargaining.

Bali is an island where there is something for everyone. Be it the lone traveler, the honeymoon couple, the family with little kids or a group of friends, everyone will find something that will make them fall in love with Bali. So, when are you traveling to find your favorite in this exotic island of Indonesia?