Rayna Travelogues – Terms of Use

The following points administers the terms of use for Rayna Travelogue. Access to all content and information in the website is provided to the user on the condition that he or she adheres to all these terms. If you do not agree to do so, discontinue the use of this website on immediate basis.

1. Rayna Travelogue is Proprietary to Rayna Tours and Travels
Rayna Tours and Travels (hereinafter as RTT) has developed this website to provide creative information and resources to its clients and users. Apparently, the RTT reserves the whole right to change, alter, modify or add points to the terms and conditions at any time without any prior notice.

2. Purpose of the Website
The entire content in Rayna Travelogue’s website, including but not restricted to images, designs, graphic combinations, illustrations, interfaces, software and third party website links is made available for informational purposes only.
3. Images
All images listed on the website are the exclusive property of the Rayna Travelogue and are used with the full consent of their creators or rights’ holders.

4. Copyrights
Rayna Travelogue does its best to make sure that it duly complies with the Copyright Act. If it appears to you that any of the images, content or text seen in this website is copied or reproduced in a way that constitutes violation of Copyright Act, please drop an email to info@raynatravelogue.com.

5. Use of Website
Rayna Travelogue, hereby, grants you a non-exclusive permit to access, download, and print one copy of the images on any single computer for your personal use only, provided that:
• You’ll not alter, reproduce or transmit our site content in any way.
• You’ll retain all copyright and other proprietary intellectual property rights mentioned on the website.
• You’ll not use it any illegitimate manner.
• You’ll not use it for any commercial, endorsement, or promotional purpose.
• You’ll not, in any way, use our content or images as part of a logo, design or trademark.
• You’ll not dishonestly represent that you are the owner or originator of an image, text or file seen in our website.

6. Permission for the use of Images & Content
Except as explicitly allowed in the above term of use, the distribution, reproduction, selling or modification of the whole or any portion of the Website content or image is strictly not permitted without Rayna Travelogue’s prior written consent. Please contact our team in order to request authorization to re-post, sell, utilize or replicate content or images of our website content.

7. Third Party Websites
Rayna Travelogue may include links to third party website. Please be informed that we’re not responsible for any such websites. Upon using links to third party websites, you’ll be subject to the terms and conditions applicable to those websites only.

8. Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

• Al though we’re committed to make this website as reliable and informational as possible, Rayna Travelogue does not provide any warranty or assurance when it comes to the website’s accuracy. It may contain incorrect or outdated information and may also change without notice.

• We employ highly secured and sophisticated IT infrastructure to keep our content free of any error or virus. With that being said, we cannot warrant that any material in the form of images available for download from Rayna Travelogue do not contain virus. You use our website at your own risk, and it is – therefore – your sole responsibility to implement necessary safety precautions in the form of virus checks to ensure the accuracy of data.

• Neither Rayna Travelogue nor any of its employees, sub-contractors or suppliers should be blamed or held accountable to you or any other parties for any loss, expense or damage, on account of the use of our website or download its materials.