Top Instagram Worthy Spots in Dubai

Burj Al Arab

In today’s times, it is difficult to stay away from social media, especially Instagram, where it has become a norm to share our day-to-day lives. This becomes even more important when we are travelling. People are always look out for great backgrounds and locations to take pictures that would adorn their Instagram wall. If you are looking out for a place that would not only offer you an amazing holiday experience but also help you fill your Instagram page with drool-worthy pictures, Dubai is the place for you. Dubai with its mind-blowing constructions and architecture is a haven for photographers. All you need to do is be at the right place. Here are some of the top Instagram worthy spots in Dubai that you should not miss.

1.Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa

This iconic building is one of the best things to see in Dubai. Located next to the Dubai Mall, this is the tallest building in the world. All of 163 floors, the Burj Khalifa can be seen from anywhere in the city. However, to get the best shot of this inspiring building, head to the entrance of the Dubai Mall or stand near the fountain. There are many rooftop bars and cafes in the area which also give you the opportunity to take a great photo of the building. Also, make it a point to visit the observation deck on the 124th or 148th floor of the Burj Khalifa to take a picture of the aerial view of the city. Be it day or night, it would surely look cool on your Instagram page.

2.Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden
The Dubai Miracle Garden gives you 109 million flowers to fill up your Instagram page with floral images. But is not just some randomly arranged flowers. On the other hand, Dubai Miracle Garden has some of the most amazing floral arrangements that you would not be able to give your camera a rest. Right from the heart-shaped floral arches to the creative floral models (houses, castles, airplanes, etc), every frame is worth a spot on your Instagram page. Do not forget to hand the camera to someone else and pose with these floral beauties.

3.Burj Al Arab

You cannot leave Dubai without getting Hotel Burj Al Arab in your frame. This sail-shaped building is said to be the only seven star hotel in the world. While the interiors of the hotel are nothing but opulent, you need to be a guest at the hotel or dine at one of the restaurants to see the place. However, there is no stopping you from taking the best shots of this marvellous building and uploading it on your social media page. Head to Jumeirah Beach or Kite Beach to capture a great shot of the hotel. The best time would be around sunset. If you are staying at one of the hotels at Jumeriah, you would be able to get a good picture of the building from your hotel.

4.Dubai Creek

Dubai Creek
The Dubai Creek is one of the most important locations in Dubai. This is where the Arabs first settled when they moved from the desert. Rich in history, culture and heritage, there are several places where you would get some amazing photos to fill your Instagram page. Visit the Bastakiya Quarter to see the non-glamorous side of the city with its historical buildings and monuments. The spice and gold souks would give you the chance to capture the more traditional and colourful markets of the city. The artsy cafes, boutique hotels and museums would also give you inspiration to take some gorgeous pictures. Apart from all this, there is the Dubai Creek itself that would surely add some character to your social media pages.

5.Madinat Jumeirah

Madinat Jumeirah
Complete with grand hotels, luxury villas and summerhouses, a beach, a river, a souk and a range of restaurants, lounges and nightclubs, the Madinat Jumeriah is a city within the city of Dubai. Spend a day in this mini Arabian city to enjoy its vibrant area and also to take pictures of the beautiful sand coloured buildings, the traditional abras sailing on the river and the ambience of the colourful souk. You also get one of the best shots of the Burj Al Arab from here. Moreover, Madinat Jumeirah is not just about clicking the most amazing pictures but also about relaxing and soaking in the good vibes of the place.

6.Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall
We cannot complete talking about Instagram worthy places in Dubai without talking about the Dubai Mall. Considered to be the largest mall in the world, the Dubai Mall is not only popular for shopping. On the other hand, it is home to some of the popular entertainment zones. Even if you are not interested either in shopping or entertainment, do walk through the mall. The Human Waterfall (where carved figures diving into the water), the blue water tank of the Dubai Aquarium, the colourfully-lit aquarium, and even the Dubai Fountain (outside the Mall) are some of the best spots you w some spots that are worthy of space on your Instagram page.

7.Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina
If you want to capture something that is quintessentially modern Dubai, there is nothing better than the Dubai Marina. Home to the wealthy, Dubai Marina is dotted with high-rise apartments, boutique hotels, vibrant nightclubs and some amazing restaurants. Plus, there is the artificial water canal with a promenade where you can walk to take in the sights and click the pictures. The best time to visit Dubai Marina is after sunset, if you want to see the place in all its glory. Apart from the sparkling lights, the luxury yachts and the beautifully lit abras and dhows would make great pictures that find a way into your Instagram page.

8.The Desert

Desert Safari Dubai
While the huge skyscrapers and glimmering buildings of Dubai are glamorous, there is something raw about the desert of Dubai that you should capture on your camera. The sight of the vast desert, with just the dunes and the shimmering sun, would surely bring lots of likes to your Instagram page. The best time to take pictures of the desert is during sunset when the setting sun soaks the dunes in a golden hue. Going for a desert safari would give you the chance to take some more interesting pictures of the camels, the beautifully decorated Bedouin camps, the majestic falcons, the elegant performances, etc.

Apart from these places, La Mer, Sheikh Zayed Road, JBR Walk, Dubai Design District, Street 18B Karama, etc. would also give you the chance to take beautiful pictures. In short, wherever you go in Dubai, you are sure to find a spot that is 100% Instagram-worthy.