Holiday in Thailand: Best Things to Do

Thailand Tour

Thailand is a Southeast Asian country that does not need any introduction. It is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. Apart from tourists visiting the place for a week or two, there are travellers who stay in Thailand for months to enjoy first-hand Thai experience. The reasons why people choose Thailand as a holiday destination can vary from person to person. However, the fact that the country is affordable, beautiful and lively surely tops the list. If you are planning a holiday in this gorgeous country that is home to pristine beaches, 365 days sunshine and mouth-watering food, here are a few things that ought to be in your itinerary.

Temple Hopping

Before you go island hopping in Thailand, you must visit the beautiful temples of Thailand. Buddhism is the predominant religion of the country and you would find plenty of temples that are worth visiting here. Apart from enjoying the peace and calmness that these temples radiate, their design and architecture are things that attract people here. While there are more than 40,000 temples here, each equally beautiful, there are some temples that you should not miss. The Wat Phra Kaew is the temple where you would find the statue of the Emerald Buddha, an image made from single block of jade. Then there is Wat Phra Yai where you would find a huge, golden statue of Buddha on top of a long flight of stairs. Apart from these, Wat Arun, Tiger Temple, Wat Trimitr, etc. are some of the temples that you must visit when in Thailand.

Island Hopping

While Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, is lively and exciting, it is a shame if you do not want to leave the city and check out the marvellous islands. Thailand has a coastline of more than 2000 miles and is also home to over 8000 tropical islands. In short, you would not fail to find beautiful beaches and blue waters wherever you go. From crowded, popular islands to more secluded, unspoilt ones, plenty of islands and beaches await you in Thailand. Krabi Islands, koh Phi Phi Islands, Similan Islands, Koh Poda, etc. are some of the islands that you must visit. Apart from dreamy white sand beaches and clear waters, you would also be rewarded by limestone cliffs and ancient caves on some of the islands.

Water Adventure

With easy access to the ocean and so many beaches, Thailand is haven for people who want to enjoy exciting water sports. Right from snorkelling to scuba diving, the host of water sports available at Thailand would satisfy anyone who loves adventure. If you have always wanted to try scuba diving, Thailand is the perfect place to begin with. The rich marine life under the deep blue sea has the capacity to mesmerize anyone. On the other hand, if you are not comfortable with deep water diving, the place also offers snorkelling where you can experience the colourful corals and marine life of the place. Apart from these, most beaches in the country offer water sports like water skiing, wind surfing, kite surfing, jet skiing, sailing, wakeboarding, etc. Whatever might be your interest, get ready to have some great fun during your holiday in Thailand.

Elephant Nature Park

Riding on an elephant is a thing that most people envision when they think of a holiday in Asia. However, most countries consider this to be animal abuse and rightly so! However, this does not mean that you cannot see and interact with these huge but fuzzy animals. On the other hand, the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand gives you the chance to do just that! This park is an elephant rehabilitation and rescue camp and is home to several abused elephants in need of care. You can not only visit the place but also volunteer to take care of these animals by feeding and bathing them. These activities are open for people of all ages and hence a great way to teach young children to be caring and compassionate to animals. Plus, you get to know a lot about these gentle wild animals.


Thailand, especially Bangkok, is quite popular amongst tourists for the shopping opportunities it offers. The capital city, with its huge shopping centres, malls and street markets, is a haven for people who love to shop. Right from clothes and accessories to handicrafts and souvenirs, you can get steal deals while shopping in Bangkok. If you love to bargain, it is time to hone your skills as it is necessary while shopping in the city. Some of the places you can go shopping in Bangkok are MBK, Chinatown, Siam Paragon, Chatuchak Market, Platinum Fashion Mall, etc. If you are confused about the things to buy to take back home as souvenirs, you must try Thai sauces and spices, Thai spa products, Thai silk, handmade Thai jewellery, wooden furniture and carvings, ceramics and pottery, etc. You should also take this opportunity to visit one of the floating markets in Thailand if not for shopping at least for the unique experience.

Thai Street Food

One of the main reasons people want to visit Thailand is their love for Thai food. Wherever you go in Thailand, you are sure to find street or hawker markets that serve delicious and authentic Thai dishes. Be it snacks, main course or desert, you would find a variety of mouth-watering dishes in the crowded street markets of Thailand. While the food on the streets are sure to tantalize your taste buds, you do not really have to worry about hygiene as the hawkers follow strict guidelines when it comes to safety and hygiene. Some of the dishes you must try when in Thailand include Massaman Gai, Poh Pia Tod, Guay Teow, Sai Ooah, Moo Ping, Khao Kha Moo, Som Tam, Kluay Tod, Pad See Eiw, Kao Niew Ma Muang, etc.

Thai Cooking Classes

How great would it be if you could take something real with you when you go back home after every holiday? Thailand gives you this opportunity! During your stay in Thailand, you can take up classes that teach you to cook authentic Thai dishes. Thai cooking classes are available in all major tourist locations including Bangkok, Pattaya, etc. You can choose between half day and fully day Thai cooking classes that familiarize you with the local spices, herbs, vegetables, fruits and other ingredients before teaching the cooking methods and techniques to make some of the most popular Thai dishes. You can recreate these dishes when back home to remember some of the fond memories of your Thailand holiday.

A few other things you can do in Thailand include visiting a tribal village, getting a Thai massage, exploring a historical village and national park, trekking in a jungle or partying at one of the nightclubs or attending one of the beach parties. In short, there is an endless list of things you can do at this beautiful country of Southeast Asia. So, do not waste anymore time. Book your tickets as an exciting adventure awaits you at Thailand!