Watersports worth Indulging in on Thailand Beaches

Sailing in thailand

Southeast Asia’s best place to visit is Thailand and there’s a reason for this. Thailand is best known for its stunning temples, breath-taking beaches and the modern cities like Bangkok and Pattaya, which are full of life and adventure. Thailand’s beaches are also famed for the best watersport activities for tourists. Whether you’re looking to soak up the sun, sand or just surf, there are many places in Thailand that offers some of the best watersport experiences to locals and tourists alike. Here are some watersports you might not even have heard of, but can enjoy during your time in Thailand.

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15 Ultimate Things to Do in Hong Kong this Vacation

floating Jumbo Restaurant hong kong

Get inspired with the list of to-dos in Hong Kong. We guarantee the hardest thing would be to decide which activity to do first!

Hong Kong has witnessed a 3.5% raise in its tourists volume the last year. Well, the independent country is bold enough to throw tons of options to its visitors and keep them jazzed up the whole holiday.

From latest gigs to artistic exhibitions, there is no dearth of entertainment when it comes to Hong Kong. Over 70% of the area has mountains and that makes the landscape marvellous and adven-turous. The moment you step into the region, you are teemed with good energy. It welcomes you to a sprawling landscape, iconic skyline and gracious nature.

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Most Amazing Destinations in Dubai you just can’t miss

Burj Khalifa Dubai

Constantly bustling with infectious energy and a positive vibe, the air in Dubai breathes ambition. And why not, they have created wonders which were beyond imagination for the rest of the world. It’s hard to see such an intellectual and channelized use of resources as we see in Dubai. Since they did not have too much of natural resources, in order to promote their tourism, Dubai created some of the world’s most spectacular man-made wonders, and is still doing it.

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Things to do in Malaysia

Things To Do Malaysia Image

Malaysia is a place of celebration. You don’t just come here for a vacation; you come here to celebrate your vacation. From morning to night, there are amazing things to do and see here. Each experience richer than the next. The only dilemma you’ll face here is what all to do in one vacation. Therefore, here’s a guide to all the best things to do in Malaysia that will also let you experience what all Malaysia is about.

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Exotic honeymoon destinations graced by Bollywood celebrities

Honeymoon Destination Image

If you are getting married soon, and you are probably planning a Bollywood style honeymoon. Then hold on to your breath, because the Bollywood couples know how to holiday in style. They are instrumental in creating new trends while pushing the boundaries as they want to celebrate their special moments in style. If you are wondering what your favorite Bollywood celebrities’ choices are, where do they head to, and what are their favorite spots. Well, this article will give you an in-depth insight into all the top exotic honeymoon destinations that are graced by famous Bollywood couples. So, get your budgets in mind, and choose from a wide variety of international and national honeymoon packages for a fascinating time with your partner.

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