Uncover the hidden secrets in the gorgeous land of Georgia

Georgia Tour

From beautiful watchtowers, ancient churches, to lush green valleys spotted with vineyards to gigantic mountains in the backdrop, Georgia is a paradise on earth that can match the taste of any traveler. The friendly and calm population residing in Georgia makes the places even more special to visit. Guests are given a royal and glamorous welcome in this birthplace of wine. Georgia will always acquire a special place in every tourist’s heart that visits this beautiful destination. Explore the rich history gives Georgia a heritage of ancient architecture and booming art, cave cities, historic cathedrals, and much more.

One of the gems placed between Asia and Europe booming with kindness and humanity all over, Georgia offers a memorable journey one should experience it at least once in their lifetime. We have listed some of the best reasons why Georgia should be on your travel list.

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Most Fascinating Attractions in Singapore You Must See

Saying that Singapore is a tourist haven is an understatement. This island-country goes all out to give tourists an experience that they will never forget. Singapore is also the perfect amalgamation of many Asian cultures, which has resulted in a nation that lives in harmony. There’s much to do and see here., and just one vacation won’t be enough. However, there are a few attractions in Singapore that you must see to understand why this country is loved by tourists. They are nothing like anything you’ll ever see.

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Explore the enchanting destinations in Turkey

Turkey promises an enchanting vacation for all types of travelers with its rich history, stunning beaches, and fascinating countryside. Turkey is a glamorous holiday destination which has a mix of both Asian and European influences in its culture. Apart from that, Turkey is popular for its delicious cuisine and glorious landscapes, with the mighty mountains, sun-soaked Mediterranean, and arid steppe being landmarks in itself. From the luxurious beach resorts along the Aegean Sea to the ancient ruins of Ephesus, Turkey offers enchanting experiences across all age groups. Even though Istanbul prominently features delightful options for tourists and visitors, there are several places in Turkey which are just vying for your attention. We have handpicked some enchanting locations in Turkey which offer a captivating experience.

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Top Luxury Restaurants in Dubai

al iwan

Dubai has an impressive list of restaurants which are yet to claim a recognition on the international stage. You can find several acclaimed chefs and celebrity cooks from all over the world setting up restaurants here, and the growth has been enormous in the past decade or so. A holiday experience is incomplete without a fine dining experience. The Middle East is home to some of the finest and favorable cuisines which offer great delicacies from all over the world. Dubai has often been termed as the gastronomical capital of the Middle East and its culinary experiences have made Dubai popular on the global stage. We have listed some fine dining options in Dubai which offer a timeless experience coupled with excellent service.

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7 Wonders of the World

The Seven Wonders are a collection of illustrious structures, each of them lauded and revered for its inimitable art and architecture styles. Dating back to thousands of years, these awe-inspiring masterpieces continue to inspire and leave us speechless, with its architectural brilliance, breathtaking beauty, and most of all, the exceptional capability of ancient people to produce ingenious creations without the aid of any cutting-edge tool or technology.

In 2001, the Swiss corporation came up with a new proposal to choose the New Seven Wonders of the World. With the help of first global vote, the list was declared. Here we are happy to present you Seven Wonders of the World in Infographics.

7 wonders of the world