Exotic honeymoon destinations graced by Bollywood celebrities

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If you are getting married soon, and you are probably planning a Bollywood style honeymoon. Then hold on to your breath, because the Bollywood couples know how to holiday in style. They are instrumental in creating new trends while pushing the boundaries as they want to celebrate their special moments in style. If you are wondering what your favorite Bollywood celebrities’ choices are, where do they head to, and what are their favorite spots. Well, this article will give you an in-depth insight into all the top exotic honeymoon destinations that are graced by famous Bollywood couples. So, get your budgets in mind, and choose from a wide variety of international and national honeymoon packages for a fascinating time with your partner.

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Why Visit Bali At Least Once in Your Lifetime?

Bali Indonesia Beache

Bali, an Indonesian island, has gained a lot of popularity amongst tourists and travelers around the world. Bali with its gorgeous beaches, amazing landscapes, and spiritual aura, is also known as the Island of Gods and rightly so! If you are wondering why people are going crazy about visiting Bali, you definitely need to know about the aspects that make this place a must-visit destination on earth. Right from the picturesque temples to the Balinese people and culture, Bali has a host of things that would make you want to visit the place again and again.

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Holiday in Thailand: Best Things to Do

Thailand Tour

Thailand is a Southeast Asian country that does not need any introduction. It is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. Apart from tourists visiting the place for a week or two, there are travellers who stay in Thailand for months to enjoy first-hand Thai experience. The reasons why people choose Thailand as a holiday destination can vary from person to person. However, the fact that the country is affordable, beautiful and lively surely tops the list. If you are planning a holiday in this gorgeous country that is home to pristine beaches, 365 days sunshine and mouth-watering food, here are a few things that ought to be in your itinerary.

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Uncover the hidden secrets in the gorgeous land of Georgia

Georgia Tour

From beautiful watchtowers, ancient churches, to lush green valleys spotted with vineyards to gigantic mountains in the backdrop, Georgia is a paradise on earth that can match the taste of any traveler. The friendly and calm population residing in Georgia makes the places even more special to visit. Guests are given a royal and glamorous welcome in this birthplace of wine. Georgia will always acquire a special place in every tourist’s heart that visits this beautiful destination. Explore the rich history gives Georgia a heritage of ancient architecture and booming art, cave cities, historic cathedrals, and much more.

One of the gems placed between Asia and Europe booming with kindness and humanity all over, Georgia offers a memorable journey one should experience it at least once in their lifetime. We have listed some of the best reasons why Georgia should be on your travel list.

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Most Fascinating Attractions in Singapore You Must See

Saying that Singapore is a tourist haven is an understatement. This island-country goes all out to give tourists an experience that they will never forget. Singapore is also the perfect amalgamation of many Asian cultures, which has resulted in a nation that lives in harmony. There’s much to do and see here., and just one vacation won’t be enough. However, there are a few attractions in Singapore that you must see to understand why this country is loved by tourists. They are nothing like anything you’ll ever see.

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