7 Best Places for Solo Travel in Europe

Are you an avid solo traveller? Looking for few of Europe’s best solo travel destinations? You will come to the right place. Traveling is the sole thing that gives one complete peace. It is not just about seeing new places; it also allows one to meet new people, learn about different cultures, sample local cuisine, and do other things.

The true essence of travelling solo is alive and well, especially as international destinations focus on providing a conscious and evolved experience for those who wish to travel alone. There are just endless possibilities, and an itinerary which is highly flexible as one desires it to be, & if one is planning to travel to Europe—a country known for backpacking and a thriving digital nomad economy—it can most certainly be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The question arises: where are the finest places in Europe for solo travel?

If you are touring alone for the first time or want to cross another country off your bucket list, below is a compiled list of suggested cities to start your Mediterranean adventure.
If you desire to spend this summer in Italy under the beautiful Tuscan sun or chasing the waterfalls in Iceland, read on for the best places for solo travel in Europe.

Top 7 Places for Solo Travels in Europe

Explore the definitive guide with hand-picked list of some of Europe’s best solo travel destinations.

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm City

Stockholm, the Swedish capital, is a city unlike any other. From its cobblestones, there is a steadfast air of culture, carrying that perfect scent of traditional & contemporary cuisines. The waterside walks are a great way to explore the city, and as you move inland towards Stockholm Central Station, noises abd bustle of the capital in fact catches up with you, but it also brings with it the Nordic charm that draws us to Europe.

Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany City, Italy

Tuscany is the pinnacle of the Italian cultural experience, with winegrowing, truffle hunting, countryside charm, and a unique style. In any case whatsover, what makes Tuscany famous is its historical story of the Renaissance. You can backpack via the highlights of the city knowing that it will redefine Europe for you, from Leonardo Da Vinci to Donatello to Michelangelo beautifully replicated in the art scene.

Seville, Spain

Seville City, Spain

With so many delightful parks, stunning landscapes, and amazing Spanish cafés, Seville is the ideal destination for a warm escape on the solo travel journey. For some, Seville is one of the busiest cities in Spain, and, surprisingly, the perfect way of life within this city indeed is worth exploring with regards to music and cuisines. However, there are some places, such as Parque Mara Luisa, where backpackers can get away from organized chaos and people watch while learning about the destination. All that is required is to make your way to the unforgettable downtown area & soak in the atmosphere of the Andalusian capital.

Porto, Portugal

Porto City, Portugal

If you plan your following backpacking tour to Portugal, Porto is a popular destination for learning about the country’s culture. Porto, located near the Douro Valley’s crown, is a beaming destination having a countryside charm that is not too far from cityscapes. Come for the wine & Portuguese food, but you will find that Porto has a lot more to give than you think.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands


Many consider Amsterdam to be one of the most enchanting cities on the planet, with magnificent architecture & a thriving art scene. There is a lot to see on a solo trip here, from Amstel waterway to Van Gough museum with famous paintings and local gin. The capital boasts a plethora of attractions, including windmills and a variety of other sights that will keep you returning back for more.

Krakow, Poland


Krakow’s enchanting Old City of appears to be awakening Poland’s past, with the ancient structure of the Wawel Palace & St. Mary’s Church amid the historically significant landmarks. There is a cultural allure that is difficult to define, but the architecture speaks for itself with unique designs which will captivate you at the time of walking tours. Within the city, a renowned in Poland, do not miss out on drinks like Tatanka and traditional cuisine that can argue the appeal of Karakow appeal as one of the best places in Europe for solo travel.

Santorini, Greece

Santorini, Greece

The Santorini island is located at the the Mediterranean landscape’s southeastern end, with a central area characterised by high mountains and the Aegean Sea. It is located just north of Crete island and is surrounded by an ocean with numerous islands. Today, it is made up of five islands, with Santorini counted as the largest of all.

However, for a frequent traveller, it is not always possible for them to travel accompanied by family and friends. As a result, they travel alone on occasion, giving them complete freedom in doing whatever they want. Although travelling alone to any unknown location may present some challenges, there are numerous advantages to doing so. All one requires doing is conducting thorough research on the location where you intend to travel alone. There are several countries that are extremely safe for solo travellers. Above were some of the top places in Europe to travel alone.

From Paris to to Amsterdam to Porto and some of the world’s most charming cities, backpacking through Europe alone is often considered a rite of passage, regardless of age. Whether you want to explore European countries during a gap year or just spend some time alone learning about your preferred places on the continent, Europe solo travel is truly a great place to start.

Europe is a wonderful destination for solo travellers especially women. It is relatively safe, small, and easy to get around, and it’s absolutely packed with beautiful places to visit. That being said, there are however some things to know about which will surely make your time here more enjoyable, like what to bring, perfect way to stay safe, ways to keep the belongings from being stolen, and definite spots that are the best, especially while travelling alone.

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