Most Amazing Destinations in Dubai you just can’t miss

Burj Khalifa Dubai

Constantly bustling with infectious energy and a positive vibe, the air in Dubai breathes ambition. And why not, they have created wonders which were beyond imagination for the rest of the world. It’s hard to see such an intellectual and channelized use of resources as we see in Dubai. Since they did not have too much of natural resources, in order to promote their tourism, Dubai created some of the world’s most spectacular man-made wonders, and is still doing it.

Here are some of the most amazing tourist destinations in Dubai that you must visit in order to completely understand the grandeur of the city.

1. Burj Khalifa
Burj Khalifa Dubai
The world’s tallest skyscraper- Burj Khalifa stands at an amazing height of 829.8m. It is the tallest manmade structure in the world till date. The building has an observation deck at its 124th and 144th floor that allows the visitors to have an Ariel view of the world beneath them. Burj Khalifa also boasts of the world’s fastest elevator. The building houses plush offices, a hotel and luxury residences on its top floors.

2. Dubai Fountain
Dubai Fountain
Dubai fountain is the world’s largest themed fountain set on the 24-acre man-made lake inside the Dubai Mall. The fountain jets water as high as 450 ft. (equivalent to the height of a 45 storey building) and is 900 feet long with two central arcs and five circles of different sizes. The beauty of the fountain is illuminated by over 6600 WET superlights, and 25 color projectors to give it an exquisite look and feel. It performs daily in the evening at 6pm and thousands of people gather every day to witness the beauty and grandeur of the fountain.

3. Dubai miracle garden
Dubai Miracle Garden
Who would’ve imagined 45 million natural flowers blooming in the desert? The Dubai miracle garden has amazed the world with its collection of over 45 million natural flowers arranged in amazing designs and shapes and has become one of the most famous tourist destinations of Dubai. The blooming flowers of the garden are fashioned in shapes of hearts, igloos, stars, pyramids and a lot more. Standing as a testament to the Dubai ingenuity, the Dubai garden is loved by amazed tourists coming here from all parts of the world. It also has an exclusive section of Butterfly garden which has the world’s largest garden area for over 25 species of butterflies.

4. Dubai Shopping festival
The Dubai Shopping Festival is enjoyed by millions of tourists from all over the globe. This one of the year, every street, every corner of Dubai is illuminated and people breathe shopping in its air. Dubai is famous to offer jaw dropping discounts, exceptional variety and a carnival atmosphere all-round the month. The Dubai Shopping festival can bring a shopper out of anyone. Even if you don’t want to shop, experiencing the vibe of the city during the shopping festival is enough for a lifetime of memories.

5. Palm Islands
The Palm Islands
Dubai is known for its man-made wonders and Palm islands is a jewel in its crown. The set of two artificial islands- Pal Jumeirah and Palm Jebel Ali, the Palm Jumeirah has already been completed and the construction is going on for the Palm Jebel Ali which is now renamed as Diera island. Said to be visible from space, Palm islands are built in a shape of palm tree topped by a crescent. The island boasts of luxury villas owned by the who’s who of the world, super luxurious resorts and other high end recreational facilities. Billed by Dubai as nothing less than the 8th wonder of the world, the Palm islands definitely is a jaw dropping and spectacular piece of engineering marvel.

6. Dubai Mall
Dubai Mall
The Mall of the Malls- the Dubai mall is one of the largest malls in the world and witnesses over 62 million footfalls in a year. With over 1200 shops, 200 cafes and restaurants, 22 cinema screens and a parking space for over 14000 vehicles, the Dubai Mall is a world inside a city. It boasts of the world’s biggest candy store- Candylicious and also houses a 250 room hotel inside it. The mall is further expanding to accommodate more visitors.

7. Ski Dubai
Ski Dubai
Ski Dubai is located in one of the world’s largest malls- The Mall of Emirates. It is the world’s biggest indoor ski resort and Middle east’s first. Spread in a sprawling area of 22500 sq. meters the resort features tons of artificial snow with an 85 meter high mountain with 5 different slopes, the world’s first indoor black diamond run 400 meter long. It boasts of toboggan runs, a snow park play area, climbing towers, icy body slide, ice cave and giant snowballs. You can also book an exclusive encounter with real penguins of the resort specially brought from Antarctica.

8. Ibn Battuta Mall
Ibn Battuta Mall
Dubai brings to you the biggest themed shopping mall of the world- Ibn Battuta Mall. Boasting stunning design and amazing architecture, the theme of the mall is based on the excursions of the 14th century scholar Ibn Battuta. The mall boasts of six different themed sections based on the regions he visited during his voyage. There is a stunning Persian court, Chinese court, Indian, Tunisia, Andalucía and Egypt court that boasts of spectacular architecture and distinctive feel. Although not very popular for shopping, the mall is one of the most famous attractions of Dubai for its grandeur and gorgeous themed style.

It’s hard not to admire the grandeur and the heights at which Dubai has brought itself from its humble beginning of a Bedouin village. This super luxurious destination welcomes tourists of all pocket sizes with open arms and has something to offer for all age groups. So, what are you waiting for? Apply for the hassle-free Dubai visa today and visit the city of dreams, wonders and world records.