10 Best Places you Must See in Thailand

Things to do in Thailand

A country that has breathtaking nature, unique shrines, lively markets, idyllic islands, several idiosyncrasies, a fusion of culture and food, huge patriotism, and respect for monks is nothing less than a paradise.

One can imagine the picturesque charm Thailand has when its world-renowned attractions have been used as a backdrop in many Hollywood movies. Who wouldn’t want to immerse in sweeping views of these places! The Grand Palace can tire a photographer with the multiple ecstatic pictures from every angle, Similan Islands can slurp your entire day with fun and only fun, and the floating markets bring in the enthusiasm of shopping.

Here we guide you through the 10 places that you don’t want to miss in Thailand-

1.The Grand Palace


One of the most visited places in Thailand is the elegant Grand Palace. Stretched across 2.35 million square feet, this is a masterpiece of engineering. It is the reason behind the pride of Thailand’s creativity and craftsmanship. The last stone of foundation was kept in 1782 and for 150 years, it became the home to Thai King, the Royal court and the administrative seat of government. Today it is laid out like island with Temple of the Emerald Buddha at one corner of the outer court, the king’s place is in the centre court and the inner court was like a small city. Tip: Do not invite yourself a controversy, so, wear decent clothes to the complex.

2.Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai

The mountainous northern city in Thailand, Chiang Mai is bustling on the streets and blissfully calm otherwise. The past traditional and the present lifestyle seamlessly merge in this small city. You can either go on a roll with a selection of activities or simply stroll and discover the places. The atmosphere and vibe of the city are very different from that of Bangkok. As you rampage through this northern capital, you will find lush green countryside, fresh rainforests, heavy waterfalls, grand temples, elephant sanctuaries, coffee garden and peaceful country village- perfect to unwind in a hectic vacation. Cheap shopping and adventure choices are other reasons to be driving around the city.


bangkok ayutthaya

Another highly demanded city in Thailand, Ayutthaya is a historic destination. Its proximity to Bangkok with short, the two-hour train ride is the first advantage you get. The interesting history of how it was the capital of Siam for 417 years and later invaded by Burmese tempts the visitors to take a look. Go ahead and discover the archaeology and ancient temple ruins. A quirky and unmissable attraction in this UNESCO World Heritage Site is the tree that has grown around the Buddha’s statue.


pai river

A town of Mae Hong Son that sits on the Pai river and looks straight out of heaven is the Pai. It is tucked in a valley, featuring gorges, hot springs, waterfalls, and enough opportunities to hike and trek. For vacationers, who are looking to have extreme sports in mountains and river, but also need to rest in the shadow of nature, Pai is their ultimate stop. Few major landmarks to explore on the journey include Wat Phra That Mae Yen, Memorial Bridge, Pai Canyon and Santichon Village.

5.Phi Phi Island


Besides the shrines and shopping, Thailand’s beaches are a tourism asset. They are pristine and turquoise giving a strong inspiration to travellers to bask in the sun and forget all the stress. Amongst many options, the Phi Phi Island, lying south-west of Krabi coastline, steals the show with its towering limestone cliffs and white beaches. For all jovial, energetic and outgoing tourists, the Phi Phi creates scenes for parties, easy travelling, no schedule, and all budget accommodations. Ascend the Phi Phi viewpoint, dive in the sea, watch sharks and do rock climbing. This island is segregated in two sections, one is free of human inhabitants (Phi Phi Leh), and the other has no roads (Phi Phi Don).

6.Khao Sok National Park

khao-sok-national park

Nestled in Thailand’s rainiest spot and amidst the alluring beauty, the Khao Sok National Park demonstrates an array of wildlife and flora. Whoever comes here, is left in splits with the rejuvenating aura and verdant forests. Get a guide and traverse the caves, prehistoric limestone cliffs and jungles to know about the local culture. Sail away in the water, camp in tropical rainforests, breathe in the unspoilt air, check out the 90cm diameter flower Bua Phut, meditate in the total serenity, meet elephants, spend a romantic escape and capture the eroded cliffs emerging from the calm lake.

7.Similan Islands

similan island

Floating in the Andaman Sea, the Similan Islands posses a dramatic landscape. It has a fascinating history of birth, that says, many forces have brought this island into existence from the hot magma and granite. The archipelago has 11 islands over 140 square kilometres, making it the finest destination for the divers and surfers. It is an uninhabited junction where all you find is the excessive love of nature and wildlife. The travellers remain awestruck with the spectacle of coral reefs, crystal clear water and unique rock formations. Since the sea looks transparent, the view of marine species from colourful fishes to sea turtles is beyond words. The luxury is taken care of with the myriad of service, facilities and eateries around.

8.Floating Market


A floating market is the selling of goods like vegetable and fruits from the boat and that is what makes the experience unconventional and thrilling. It is hitting two birds with one stone. While you bargain for the eatables, you also indulge in the exotic surroundings of Bangkok. It is crowded, chirpy and colourful. Also, there is no restriction of the early morning time, as there are abundant floating markets in the capital. You can eat, shop, get a massage and click pictures on the go.

9.Phang Nga Bay


Straddled between the Phuket and Kra Isthmus, the Phang Nga Bay is a scenic destination. Could be reached by boat, car, kayak or bike, this fancy place is worth every moment spent. The luxury cruise glides through the majestic cliffs and the kayak sails through the narrow passageways. Previously, the sea level was very low, but today it offers outdoor opportunities that boost adrenaline, relax on the sand and explore nature. Besides snorkelling and diving, one can ride the elephants and go on a jungle safari.

10.Mu Ko Chang National Park

It is a marine national park covering an area of 650 square kilometres and including 52 islands. Koh Chang is the second largest island in Thailand with several exciting things to do every day. One side it is heaven for nature lovers, on the other is the hub to the adventure enthusiasts. The flawless vegetation and plantation along with the unique wildlife and bird species are the reasons that a swarm of people fly here. The breathtaking panoramic view, cooking classes by the best chefs, an island tour, diving, getting a massage and visiting parks are a few top things to do.

A trip to Thailand can never be disappointing, even if your style of holidaying is of any sort. With such amazing varieties of things to see and do, getting bored is not in the itinerary. Overall, the plan of Thailand is an experience you won’t soon forget.